NTA Smarter Travel Webinar 2021

Cycling Solutions Ireland gears up for this year's event

by | Mar 30, 2021

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The National Transport Authority (NTA) are hosting a webinar for their members on the NTA Smarter Travel Programme on Wednesday, April 21st. The Smarter Travel Programme focuses on encouraging staff and students to walk, cycle, take public transport and carpool on the commute and beyond, and for organisations to consider flexible working arrangements. Campuses are also encouraged to promote smarter travel as part of the curriculum and through student projects. 

The streets of the capital were a cycling haven in the 1960’s

The webinar speakers include the CEO of the National Transport Authority, the Head of Transport Development Policy at the NTA, as well as our very own Michael O’Boyle of Cycling Solutions Ireland, who will be representing the EU Cycle Friendly Employer (CFE) scheme. 

This is a great development for the CFE in Ireland, employers are welcoming the fact that there is a European standard for bicycle friendliness in the workplace.  They are keen to look ahead as to when and how employees will return to the workplace and how their active and sustainable travel strategies will be designed to complement the post-pandemic way of life. Employers are recognised with EU accreditation. Try the free Cycle Friendly Employer Self-Evaluation.

Speaking about the webinar, Michael said “It’s a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of Cycle Friendly Employer accreditation for organisations around the country, no matter where they are and no matter how big or small.” He went on to add that “This initiative has been in place across Europe for a number of years now and it’s been hugely successful. Since we brought the CFE initiative to Ireland in July of last year we’ve had a hugely positive response and we believe that employers and employees alike will be even more keen to get on the bike once Covid-19 restrictions ease up.”

Smarter Travel Partner Webinar 2021

Preparing for a Sustainable Return to Workplaces and Campus

Date: Wednesday April 21st
Time: 10:00 – 11:30
Venue: Zoom

Anne Graham

Chief Executive, National Transport Authority
Keeping Ireland Moving Sustainably

John O’Flynn

Head of Customer Experience, National TransportAuthority
Evolving Customer Expectations in a Covid World

Michael O’Boyle

Managing Director, Cycling Solutions Ireland
Cycle Friendly Employer Scheme

Michael Aherne

Head of Transport Development, National Transport Authority
Gearing Up for New Mobility

Siobhán Hamilton

Smarter Travel Programme Manager, National Transport Authority
Smarter Travel Round Up

NTA Smarter Travel Partner
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