CALENDAR 2021/22

World Suicide Prevention Day

September 10th 2021

Events and activities on World Suicide Prevention Day include conferences, seminars, and discussion forums; formulating new policies for suicide prevention

National Bike Week

September 12th-18th 2021

Bike Week is a celebration and promotion of the benefits of cycling. This year, Bike Week will kick off on Sunday September 12th and end on Saturday. September 18th.

World Car Free Day

September 22nd 2021

This event encourages everyone to give up their cars for a day and consider alternative ways of travelling, for example walking and cycling to school/work more often.

World Mental Health Day

October 10th 2021

The overall objective of World Mental Health Day is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilise efforts in support of mental health.

International Mind-Body Wellness Day

January 3rd 2022

January 3 is International Mind-Body Wellness Day, an opportunity to celebrate how a healthy mind and healthy emotions means a healthy body!

World Health Day

April 7th 2022

The unparalleled value of good health is celebrated on World Health Day on April 7. Spearheaded by the World Health Organization (WHO), physical, mental, and emotional well-being is promoted and celebrated all over the world on this day.

Earth Day

April 22nd 2022

Earth Day, celebrated on 22nd April each year, is the annual event dedicated to awareness about the various environmental challenges that face our planet.

National Bike to Work Day

May 20th 2022

National Bike to Work Day takes place on the third Friday in May, right in the middle of National Bike Month. The observance encourages us to bike to work, but it also raises awareness of cyclists as they commute to and from work each day.

UN Global Road Safety Week

May 17th-23rd 2022

The Week will be the occasion to garner policy commitments at national and local levels to deliver 30 km/h speed limits in urban areas.

World Bicycle Day

June 3rd 2022

World Bicycle Day celebrates this great power and highlights the importance of non-motorised transport in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and combating climate change.

World Environment Day

June 5th 2022

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) annually organizes events for World Environment Day, which encourages worldwide awareness and action for the protection of the environment.

World Fresh Air Day

September 7th 2022

Clean Air Day brings together communities, businesses, schools and the health sector to improve public understanding of air pollution and explain what we can all do to tackle air pollution.