The EU-wide seal “Certified Bicycle Friendly Employer” is awarded exclusively in Ireland by Cycling Solutions Ireland.




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Advantages of Certification

Good for Your Image

Bicycle-friendly employers are more attractive to employees. Furthermore, bicycle friendliness promotes employee wellness and team spirit.

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Good for Health

Bicycle-friendly measures increase the number of employees on the bike, thus promoting exercise. In addition, employees who come to work by bike have a third fewer sick days. They are happier, more balanced and more productive.

Good for Our Environment

Cycling is sustainable. Bicycle-friendly measures contribute to environmental preservation, and are an essential part of sustainable mobility management.

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Godd for your budget environment Cycle Friendly Employer Ireland

Good for Your Budget

Bicycle-friendly employers save money. Bicycle parking facilities take up less space than car parking spaces, and infrastructure costs are lower, even if all expenses for an adequate cycling infrastructure are taken into account.

Process in 3 Steps to Certification

♥︎ Self-Evaluation

You check online whether your company has enough points for a positive on-site audit.

♥︎ Register for the audit

If the self-test shows that it makes sense to be certified, register for the audit. An CFE auditor will check your bike-friendly measures on site and prepare a report.

♥︎ Certification

If the outcome is positive, you will receive the “Bicycle-friendly employer” seal in bronze, silver or gold. The certification is valid for 3 years.

Certification Prices

Initial Certification

Included in the costs: Audit at your location a certified auditor, report with recommendations and, if necessary, suggestions for improvement. If the audit is positive, you will receive the EU-wide “Bicycle-friendly employer” seal in bronze, silver or gold, which is valid for 3 years, and also publication in our online database.

All prices are exclusive of VAT and, if applicable, travel expenses.


After 6 years at the latest, a new visit to your location is necessary for recertification.

Online Recertification

Employers who have already been certified can also be rectified online if the certification level remains the same. This is possible every second time. This means that an on-site audit is required again after 6 years at the latest.

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