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Hi everyone,

As you may know Name Dept. / Business office has been awarded Gold accreditation European Cycle Friendly Employer.

We are delighted to achieve this European accreditation, as a Dept./Business we are keen to look ahead as to how and when employees will return to the office.

As part of our Cycle Friendly Employer accreditation we are planning a number of cycle related initiatives over the next 12 months and our plan is to expand these initiatives beyond 2022 with the aim to provide everyone the great opportunity to commute to/from work by bicycle!

The first of these bike related initiatives will take place on Date 2021, where we will have our own professional bike mechanic on-site to provide free bike servicing.

Due to Covid we are currently limited to the number of staff we can have in the office on a given day. Therefore we want to first offer the free bike servicing to those colleagues who are currently regularly based in the office. Don’t panic as we will be repeating this free bike service initiative again as we start to increase numbers in the office in line with government guidelines. So we will all get a chance to have our bikes serviced.

The bike service is free, as the cost is covered by the Dept./Business, that said if your bike requires parts such as new tyres, brakes etc. these parts will be charged to the individual and will be payable to the mechanic on the day.

That’s it for now, we will be sending a link shortly to all our colleagues so they can book their bike in for a service and be allocated a time slot on Date 2021!

Kind Regards,


Smarter Travel Coordinator