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About Bike to Work

Bike to Work is part of the HubEx group and is the largest provider of administration services to companies who provide staff with access to the Cycle to Work Scheme. We do this completely free of charge to the Employer and work with companies of all sizes.

HubEx are delighted to provide a wide range of Employee Benefits to a range of companies in Ireland and the UK. We are delighted to provide our clients with one of the most user-friendly platforms on which applications are submitted and processed. We have a dedicated team available to answer any queries our clients or their employees may have which results in companies being able to offer the Cycle to Work scheme without the need to recruit or appoint a dedicated member of staff.

Benefits of Offering The Cycle to Work Scheme

  • Employers save 11.05% in Employer PRSI
  • Staff feel rewarded and therefore are more motivated
  • Reduced absenteeism and lateness
  • Minimised parking issues
  • Reduced congestion
  • Options for fleet bikes including e-bikes and cargo bikes for your business
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Why Choose Us?

  • The only service of its kind in Ireland
  • Completely free of charge to employers
  • User friendly, fully automated online system, which greatly reduces your administration
  • Single point of contact for everything from enquiries to invoices
  • A huge network of over 400 bike shops
  • Exclusive access to Halfords
  • Promotional posters, flyers and emails supplied free of charge
  • Onsite company roadshows organised free of charge
  • A calendar of online webinars to keep employees engaged

Benefits to Employers

Using our experience as your provider of the Bike to Work Scheme will help you achieve the following.

  • To save employees money while improving their fitness
  • To reduce the employer’s liability
  • To reduce absenteeism by improving the fitness and motivation of staff
  • To reduce stress levels in the workplace
  • To achieve your company sustainability goals
  • To reward and acknowledge performance
  • To attract new employees
We work exclusively with a vast network of independent local retailers whose core business is cycling to ensure that your employees get the very best advice and guidance. This also helps to ensure that the revenue generated by the scheme is retained in the local communities.

Don’t hesitate, start your journey to a healthier & happier workforce by registering for your Bike to Work Scheme today.

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